Currently in production:

The Second Reality Project Reloaded v1.2





July 22 2014

The new music-section is up, for now containing the complete soundtracks to both TSRPR and TSRP2 - you can choose between mp3's and the original spc-files.



July 16 2014

"The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge v2.1" - which fixes a few bugs - is available now in the hack-section. Also, all hacks on this site have now their own video-section in which you can watch some trailers for the hack as well as gameplay-videos showing some of the levels in the hack.



July 13 2014

After four years of slow but steady progress, the day has come: I'll release "The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge v2.0". It's up there to get in the hack-section. I hope you enjoy the remake!



July 12 2014

The second trailer for "The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge" is finally out!

Check it out on the newly added video-sections for the various romhacks!

More stuff will follow very soon!



June 01 2014

 Welcome back everyone!

I know the website was pretty much dead for quite some time now, but I'm finally starting to getting the previous content back on it... stay tuned!